I use Bitbucket for its private repos and recently decided to deploy my app to Azure. I was determined to do it with a pipeline, but it took some research to finally get it to work. …

Your Web App needs to use Keycloak to authenticate its users or simply to acquire an access token? Here is how you can configure Keycloak to accept its requests.

Keycloak configuration for a web app

Create a realm

Firstly, let’s create a new realm. If you already have a realm you want to use you can skip this section.

The backend API expects a Keycloak access token and the UI must allow the user to authenticate herself and then send the access token with every request. If this sounds like your JIRA ticket, then stick around.

Gatsby & Keycloak


A Keycloak server instance. I am using the Docker image (v11.0.2) running on…

Shotcut allows you to use HTML to create visual effects, but CSS3 animations are not supported. Instead it requires the WebVfx library and JavaScript to make your fancy effects move, but we are in 2020 and ain’t nobody got time for that. …

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